Our Services

Our Services

Our company’s mission is to serve our clients in protecting their rights by offering them value-added services. Our range of services has been developed in accordance with this mission and it progresses consistently.

Why us?

Esfor Trade distinguishes itself apart from other investigative and consulting companies in Turkey through our commitment to integrity and ethics, expert team with experience in the public and private industries, robust network consisting of a wide range of local and international connections, utilization of cutting-edge technology, priorities in continuing training and progress, solid solution partners and strong client portfolio.

Confidentiality and Ethics

The security/ investigation business requires working under strict confidentiality and ethical standards. Esfor is committed to safeguarding confidential information and performing all professional duties within both national and international law and the highest moral principles.

Experience and Competence

Formerly with the Turkish National Police and Interpol, the team consists of over 15 fulltime members from various backgrounds including law enforcement (Police and Military), audit, security and safety consulting, investigations, human resources, information technologies, economics, business administration, accounting and finance. Esfor Trade’s management team is armed with over 35 years of cumulative experience, gained in both Law Enforcement Agencies and the Private Sector. The management team includes CPP and CFE certified members.

Strong References

Our services are mainly provided to businesses which include multinational corporations and large domestic companies, law firms as well as other internationally recognized security consulting firms. Esfor has served hundreds of clients, mostly multinationals, of which many are listed in the Fortune 500. References may be provided upon request.